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Living in Lancaster, PA? Things To Know Before Moving

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Are you considering a move to Lancaster, PA? Known for its rich history, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant culture, Lancaster offers a unique blend of urban amenities and scenic landscapes. However, it would help if you learned a few things before you pack your bags and move to Red Rose City. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about living in Lancaster, PA, and offer valuable insights to ensure a smooth transition.

Why Choose Lancaster, PA?

Ideally situated in the state’s southeast region, Lancaster is easily accessible by car from important East Coast metropolises, including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Baltimore. Due to its strategic location, Lancaster is the perfect hub for both business and leisure travelers. Lancaster offers everything one might want, including historical sites, cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and delectable cuisine.

Cost of Living

Lancaster is a great city to call home because it is less expensive to live in than the national average. With a wide range of housing alternatives accessible at different price ranges to fit various budgets, housing costs are very low.


Lancaster is considered reasonably safe due to its lower crime rate compared to other cities of comparable size. Most of the city’s neighborhoods are kept up properly and securely, giving locals a sense of security and peace of mind.


Lancaster has four distinct seasons and a moderate climate. Winters can be frigid and covered in snow, while summers are hot and muggy. Spring and fall are perfect for exploring the city’s outdoor attractions since they offer comfortable temperatures and vibrant foliage.

Housing Market

Lancaster’s housing market is varied, offering a selection of homes to fit various tastes and price ranges. There is something for everyone in Lancaster’s real estate market, from large suburban estates in the surrounding area to historic row houses in the city center.

Job Market

Lancaster’s employment market is broad and expanding, offering prospects in various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and tourism. Job seekers find the city appealing due to its robust local economy and proximity to large metropolitan cities.


Lancaster is an excellent option for families with children because it has many well-regarded schools. The city’s public education system is well-regarded, and numerous schools have earned accolades for student success and academic excellence. Lancaster also has a wide range of private and charter schools, as well as public education. It also has several recognized colleges and universities.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Lancaster


  • Affordable cost of living
  • Low crime rate
  • Strong job market
  • Diverse housing options
  • Rich cultural heritage


  • Variable weather conditions
  • Limited public transportation options
  • Traffic congestion during peak hours

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Jessica S.
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Mike R.
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