Professional Local Movers

Moving is an exciting experience. Anyone can have butterflies in the stomach knowing that they are turning over a new page in life. 

However, with the exhilaration also comes stress. You might forget something important, like changing your address, and fear the unknown. 

Thankfully, hiring professional local movers can make the process easier. 

At Movers & Company, we make relocation effortless. We take the heavy load off your hands so you can spend your time elsewhere – doing things that matter the most to you!

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Benefits Of Hiring A Local Moving Company

The number of movers on your Google search page can be overwhelming when you type “local moving companies near me.” Some movers only do local moves, and others do long-distance and international. 

Local moving differs from other moves, and recognizing the differences is critical. If you’re unsure whether to DIY the move or hire professionals consider these advantages. 

Save Time

Have you tried packing up all your stuff and moving on your own? You might have some free time now, but the process requires much more effort. 

Local moving companies can help with the packing process, saving precious hours. Depending on the service level, the movers will also disassemble large furniture, wrap the pieces in specialized blankets, and move all the boxes from one home to the next. Further, they will complete the move in one business day!

The advantage means you don’t have to deal with a hectic multi-day affair. Instead, you focus on settling into your new home. 

Avoid Injuries

The least enjoyable part of moving is the heavy lifting it involves. Hauling furniture out and into your home can lead to various pains and injuries. Avoiding injury is a wise decision.

Hiring professional movers helps reduce the possibility of injury by 100% because you don’t have to deal with heavy lifting. The experts do that, and you can resume a regular schedule faster. 

Damage-Free Property And Belongings Moving

Local moving companies have the equipment and experience to move items safely to and from your home. The staff properly pack dishes, place protective floor coverings to avoid scratches, and wrap dining room chairs. 

Hiring a professional ensures your belongings are intact and accounted for from points A to B. You spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the excitement of getting into your new home. 

Legal Protection

When you engage local movers, they should follow the guidelines set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The rights protect you and ensure you are not subject to unethical or illegal moving practices. Some of these include getting charged thousands of dollars more than the estimate or holding property for payment for extra charges. 

By hiring a professional moving firm like Movers & Company, you can be sure your rights are protected. It is registered with the state commercial motor vehicle branch. Further, the state Department of Transportation regularly audits us for safety compliance. 

Most Reliable Local Movers In The Area

Movers & Company is the right choice when searching for local movers near me. We are continuously offering excellent services that come with several benefits, including:

  • A seamless moving process: We do most of the planning and logistics beforehand, so you can sit back and let us do what we do best on moving day. 
  • Professional experience: You gain access to a team of professionals who know how to handle appliances, artwork, and more. 
  • Insurance: We carry insurance and offer liability for damaged or lost items – an extra protection layer for your belongings is included in our rates!
  • Fast response: Getting an estimate is very simple – it’s just a few clicks away!
  • Cost-effective: You get to save money by not dealing with renting a truck, hiring labor, fuel costs, and other expenses. 
  • Friendly customer service: We treat all our customers with the respect and dignity they deserve.